Academics has always been the primary agenda of Dr. Kapoor who has had an excellent academic record starting from his under graduate days, continuing with his post graduation till now, despite his extremely busy schedule in medical practice.

Regularly presenting and publishing papers related to orthopedics.

He is a regular faculty in most of the training and continues medical education programmes.

Part of the most prestigious group for the study of fracture fixations i.e AO. He is a member of AO Alumni Association, the group is involved in the study of fracture fixations and evolution of newer implants for trauma surgery. He has travelled extensively to Germany, Switzerland and other parts of the world for the same.

Joint replacement surgery being the key area of interest, Dr. Kapoor has been pioneering the cause of such surgeries since 1997. He has been the first to organize workshops and live surgeries in the state involving national and international surgeons. Surgeons of repute keep on visiting him and his team regularly exchanges ideas and knowledge with the visiting surgeons of other cities in the country and also from other parts of the world.

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