The word means bone and joint problems related to the elderly.

Pre-dominant problem involving the elderly are fractures because of Osteoporosis [silent disease of the elderly-leading to weak bones.]. The major fractures are:

Fractures in the spine leading to a round back.

Fractures around the hip-neck of femur and intertrochanteric fractures.

Fractures of lower radius

Fractures around the shoulder


The aim of treatment is to get the patients early out of bed. Revolution in surgery and availability of modern implants along with safe and modern anaesthesia has increased the life expectancy of the elderly population. Key hole and minimal access surgery has remarkably reduced the sufferings and fatality, improving the quality of life of such patients. The clinic has been offering these services for the last two decades and is presently the leader in the field.

We provide education and awareness to cope with such problems, including diet counseling and suggestions for dietary supplements like calcium, vitamin D and minerals.

The clinic offers the most advanced treatment for such problems, & a good supportive care. Since these patients have multiple medical problems the clinic provides a multi-disciplinary approach involving the best of medical specialists.

Arrangements are done for the domiciliary care of the patient in co-ordination with geriatric hospital.

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